Our company uses the latest International organic farming strategies allowing us to produce thousands of kilograms of food per week without the need for chemicals.

Our business is dedicated to offering only the best organic food, organic farm training, and business education services.

Our business is dedicated to offering only the best organic food, organic farm training, and business education services. 

Meet Julius

Our CEO “Julius Kamaala” spends most his time receiving online/personal training then providing that to all our employees. Julius holds over half a dozen certifications in agriculture, business, and medicine.

Julius, our shareholders, and business partners all go to great lengths to seek out international education. We are proud members of:

The “Travel Foundation”, which teaches business owners how to tackle the huge environmental and social challenges that global tourism brings.

United Nations Sustainable development goals (Partnerships for SDGs – initiative #36853). We focus on not only building a sustainable business, but teaching our model to others to promoting a better world.

Rain Forest Alliance (Pending) – A Rainforest Alliance Certified farm(s) is one that complies with “Ten” comprehensive standards set in place by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). These standards include Sustainable development, Ecosystem conservation, Wildlife protection, Fair treatment/Good working conditions for workers, Ethical/Cultural respect of native areas, and Regenerative agricultural practices.


Our business was founded on the principle of "Sustainability over Profitability".

Our focus is to ensure that our employees are always provided for, our farms in working conditions, and our communities know they can rely on us for supplies. Rather than always trying to make more and more money, our focus is on providing a stable foundation for everyone we do business with.

This belief drives every decision we make.

• Our farms are 100% organic and focus on “Regenerative agriculture”. We create symbiotic relationships with nature. We can plant entire fields and orchards that not only provide us crops, but help to repair or grow the environment around us.
• Our Stores focus on stable prices and supplies for our customers. When you come to your business you know we work as hard as possible to keep prices stable and to keep our shelves stocked with fresh organic foods.
• Our educational services focus on how to empower local farmers and business owners to make a more sustainable world.

We have no desire to be the most profitable business in Uganda

We have a dream to be the honorable, respected, and SUSTAINABLE business in the country.
We believe that when people feel safe, secure, appreciated, and valued, they will combine their natural talents, which will guarantee our success. That is the company we want to build and people we choose to be!


All of our employees receive robust specialized training and vocational education, which our company pays for. We not only pay high salaries, but all of our employees receive the following benefits: Monthly Healthcare funding, Educational funding, Food discounts, and yearly bonuses

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