Manufactured Products

We have always sought to work with community partners and leaders in ways, which allow not only our business to thrive, but to allow the community to thrive with us. Every farm, business location, or partnership we create has this belief in mind. 


If you run a business or have an idea, which you think could lead better sustainable growth let us know!

We are always looking for new ideas and business to partner with in order to help our communities thrive!

Quality and fresh dairy products (Goat)

We own our own pasteurizer to produce the highest quality and freshest dairy products!

In the coming months we hope to expand to providing not only milk, but cheese, butter (Ghee), and yogurt to our local communities!

Juicer and fruit pasteurizer

Though our international partners we have purchased and are awaiting shipment of a commercial juicer and fresh fruit pasteurizer. Our hope that this equipment will allow us to produce fresh juice for not only our consumers, but our business partners!

Organic personal and commercial soaps.

A collaboration between our business and foreign buyers we will soon be launching our line of organic personal and commercial soaps.

For business, we produce what are called “Mini or Micro-soaps”. These soaps only weight a few grams each and are single use. This means instead of buying Hotels buying large bars that go to waste, these smaller soaps save money and are more environmentally friendly, 

For home use we are launching a line of soaps targeting protection against insects. Some types of oils help repeal insects which cause illness, by combining all these plants and producing soap for the one a family can not only stay clean, smell fresh, but the soap will actively help to repeal incents helping to prevent some illnesses.


Each of our farms practices beekeeping strategies allow us to produce
honey and bees wax. We only use beeswax from our hives found at each of
our farms.
A true gift from nature, beeswax candles burn longer, brighter, and
stronger than other candles, without any of the additives, chemicals or
These beeswax candles give off a sweet honey aroma with essential oils
mixed in. These oils known to repeal insects while also giving off a
beautiful smell and strong light.

We sell small (Tea candles), Medium (stick candles), and Large sizes
(Jar candles)

Coffee Pulper

Still in the early stages of planning, we are hoping that by the end of 2021 to have a coffee pulper to service not only our business, but the surrounding communities!

The biggest cash crop in Uganda is coffee beans and the difference between processed and non-processed coffee is almost twice its market value. 


By working with local community members and leaders, we hope to be able to open our commercial pulper to the public. Our hope is that for a small fee, we can provide communities and farmers access to our pulper, which will allow them access to higher income and help to build stronger communities!

Flour Mill

Though our international partners we have purchased and are awaiting shipment of an electric miller, which will allow us to produce our own flour.

We hope with this addition it will allow us to produce healthy and affordable flour for home baking


By the end of 2021, we hope to expand our livestock to include Pigs/Hogs for sale. Uganda is one of the largest consumers of pork on the African continent and our goal is to provide organic, healthy, and sustainably farmed pork for our communities.


By the end of 2021, we also plan to have rabbits for sale. This is be an import source of production and great benefit to our communities. By using the fur we hope to make manufactured products We will sell the meat as an affordable meat option We will use the rabbits to product manure, fertilizer, and organic chemicals for not only our farms, but for farmers thought out communities.

We make sure that we ship and sell our products in half a dozen communities besides our own, which creates jobs and helps to grow the local economy.
Julius Kamaala

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