Food Crops

Beetroot (DD Red)

A root vegetable also known as red beet is packed with essential nutrients. Beetroots are a great source of over 8 needed vitamins and minerals to keep someone healthy. Not only is the beet fully edible, but so are the leaves, which can be used to make a great salad!

Bell peppers (California wonder)

Great for any dish, our preppers offer a sweet addition to any meal. Sweet and crunchy if eaten raw or cooked can fill a house and meal with a beautiful aroma

Bok choy (Chinese Cabbage)

The most popular Chinese vegetable, Bok Choy has a light, sweet flavor, and a crunchy texture. It’s an extremely versatile ingredient and can be added to a stir-fry or soup or simply steamed on its own and served as a side. Best of all, it’s packed with healthy nutrients, so it’s a perfect fit for any diet.

Carrots (Nantes coreless)

Nantes Carrots have a crisp crunch and a bold taste. These carrots are easy to cut into pieces for adding to a stew, pot roast, or salad.
These fresh carrots are also ideal for eating as a side snack or giving as a health option to young children.


We are proud producers of leafy greens! Most only know of swiss chard, but chard can be the leaf stalks or leaf blade which is fully edible

We sell 4 types of chard, these include:

Beetroot, Red and White radish, and Turnip

Chile peppers (Numex Sandia peppers)

By working with our international partners, we are proud to be the first company in Uganda to offer Peppers straight from the American Southwest. Southern United States and Mexico are known for some of the largest and spiciest chile peppers in the world. 

Our chile peppers hold the same level of spiciness as a Jalapeno/Habanero while being over 3 times the size.

Cucumbers (Ashley)

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Ashley Cucumber. This light and refreshing vegetable is the perfect addition to a multitude of dishes. Add it to any vegetable dish, salad, or sandwich for a little crunch and fresh flavor. 

Even slice it thinly to enjoy as a side or with salt as a perfect midday snack.


Lettuce (Great lakes)

Iceberg lettuce, also known as crisphead lettuce, has pale green leaves and grows in cabbage-like bulbs. Lettuce and other leafy greens make up an important part of a healthy diet. Best used for salads or a side to a meal, this food is a great addition to any diet.

Okra (C. Spineless)

Valued for its edible green seed pods. Okra has an extremely high nutritional value and is common in many African and Asian meals. Not only is the pods edible, but the leaves, flowers and seeds are also edible. Young okra greens can be cooked like spinach or beet greens (or eaten raw).

Onions (Early Red Max)

Red Onions offer a delicious and simple way to add more vegetables to your diet. These onions are perfect for adding to your favorite recipes. Red Onions are tasty, versatile and the ideal choice for health-conscious individual.

Onions ( Scallions)

Our company offers two delicious types of onions to add more vegetables to your diet. These onions are perfect for adding to your favorite recipes. Red Onions are tasty, versatile and the ideal choice for health-conscious individual. Scallions are long and small, but packed with flavor!

Radishes (Mino Early)

Add the spicy taste of a white daikon radish to your next soup or salad. Also known as Winter radish, this white root vegetable has a mild flavor and is used in a variety of food dishes. Some cultures pickle it, while others grate it, and mix it with soy sauce and citrus juice to create a condiment. This white radish has a mild flavor after being boiled and is an excellent addition to soups and stews.

Radishes (Cherry belle)

Try our red radishes also known as “Cherry belles”, this root vegetable has a mild flavor and is used in a variety of food dishes, used as livestock feed, or even used in manufacturing.

Not only are the radishes themselves edible, but the leaves of both can be cooked like chard, to help make stews or even a healthy salad.

Spinach (Indian Palak)

Part of the amaranth family and is related to beets and quinoa. Spinach is considered very healthy, as it’s loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Even a small meal is packed with vitamins and minerals to help keep someone healthy


We are proud producers of quality Sunflowers. Our sunflowers are used not only as food crops for humans, cattle, and poultry, but as ornamental plants and refined food products such as flour or oils.

Tomatoes (Rio Grande)

Make a delicious meal with our Rio Grande tomatoes! These are an ideal ingredient for whipping up a variety of wonderful dishes. 

Tomatoes can be used in soups, sauces, salads, and almost any meal. 

Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which help to heal wounds and boost the health of someone who is sick.

Watermelon (Sugar baby and Crimson sweet)

Enjoy the sweet, refreshing taste of Watermelon. Cut the watermelon into chunks for a quick snack, infuse it with water for a refreshing drink, or chop it up and make a mouthwatering watermelon salad with mint. This watermelon is great for sharing with friends and family or keep it for yourself.

Zucchini (Summer Squash)

Zucchini provides a healthy dose of vitamins to add to your diet. Ideal for many types of cuisines, it can be enjoyed year-round in many recipes or it can be used as a simple side dish on its own. 

Specialty Crops


Lavender is a great addition to any farm or home! Lavender naturally repels mosquitos, which can cause malaria and other illness. It produces strong aroma and provides strong tastes when used in food. Finally, it is an excellent plant for helping when raising bees giving them better honey yields and giving their honey a great flavor!


Our lavender is used in manufactured food products, oils, honey products, soaps, and more!


Mint is best used in the home! Mint is great at repealing mosquitos and dozens of other types of insects, which can cause illness in those living within the home. Mint is well known for its strong aroma and tastes when used in food. A well-known fact to beekeeper’s mint is ranked as one of the best plants when raising bees.


Our Mint is sold as a food item, for its oils, used in out honey products, used a base in some of our soaps, and many more!

Animal Products


We raise over 300 chickens as both Layers and Boilers. All of our chickens are raised without the use of chemicals or hormone additives, they only eat feed from our farm, and are raised sustainable/ethical ways.

Contact us to purchase either eggs collected daily, or to find out our availability on purchasing a chicken.

Goat Milk & Dairy Products

Quality and fresh dairy products (Goat milk) We own our own pasteurizer to produce the highest quality and freshest dairy products! Goats milk is packed with important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium and vitamin D. Drinking milk and consuming dairy products may prevent osteoporosis, bone fractures, and can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Animal Products Coming Soon

Pigs / Hogs

Pigs/Hog By the end of 2021, we hope to expand our livestock to include Pigs/Hogs for sale. Uganda is one of the largest consumers of pork on the African continent and our goal is to provide organic, healthy, and sustainably farmed pork for our communities.

Rabbits / Hares

By the end of 2021, we also plan to have rabbits for sale. This is be an import source of production and great benefit to our communities. By using the fur we hope to make manufactured products We will sell the meat as an affordable meat option We will use the rabbits to product manure, fertilizer, and organic chemicals for not only our farms, but for farmers thought out communities.

We make sure that we ship and sell our products in half a dozen communities besides our own, which creates jobs and helps to grow the local economy.
Julius Kamaala