Volunteer Work

All of our business partners all go to great lengths to seek out international education, and are proud members of Rotary International, The Travel Foundation, United Nations Sustainable development goals, Lift Lives Foundation, and soon to be a part of the Rain Forest Alliance

International Partnerships

Rotary International

Rotary International which is is an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world.

United Nations

We are proud to have founded “SDGs – initiative #36853”, our goal is to provide free startup shipping services to local farmers who have export opportunities.

Ugandan Partnerships

Travel Mbale

“Travel Mbale” is about promoting Mbale and other nearby districts to tourists. By using “Sustainable tourism practices” we help increase awareness of Mbale and the surrounding areas as a major Tourism and Travel destination within Uganda!

Lift Lives Foundation

The Lift Lives Foundation is a non-profit organization registered and located in Uganda. The organization works with aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders in how to develop “Business, Social, and Cultural” programs in sustainable ways. The organization provides international “Educational, networking, and business opportunities” to these young entrepreneurs in an effort to help Ugandan entrepreneurs reach global markets.

Elgon services

Elgon services was created as a non-profit horticultural business that provides orchard trees, plants, and agricultural supplies to local farmers allowing them to diversify the local economy. By supplying farmers with at cost supplies and free organic education, it allows farmers to plant a wider range of products having long term impacts on not only the local food supply, but also helps to increase their export abilities!